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Property HQ is one of Australia’s fastest growing commercial real estate and business portals, with over 20,000 listings and growing fast.

We have a simple mission to provide the real estate industry with a simple, cost-effective and independent alternative to search and list commercial real estate for sale or lease and businesses for sale.

So, why advertise with us?

Cost-effective and full of value

We offer a range of advertising across our home page, news/blog/research pages, search results, property listings, agency profile pages and even our email newsletter. Priced at roughly 10% what you’d pay for advertising on other property portals, advertising on Property HQ provides great brand awareness opportunities for a fraction of the cost of other sites.

Highly targeted with lots of exposure

Property HQ has over 20,000 listings, over 1,500 email subscribers and more than 250 real estate agencies and landlords on-board, providing great exposure for your brand. Whether you prefer prominent positioning on our home page, our content-rich news/blog/research pages, or our highly targeted search results and property listings pages, we’ve got you covered.

Flexible with plenty of ways to grow your brand awareness

Below are some of the great advertising opportunities across the site.

Home Page — On the Property HQ home page we offer a limited large full-width strip advertisement, just below the ‘Featured Commercial Real Estate’ section and above the ‘News, Blog and Research’ section, for maximum views, clicks and exposure. The positioning is ideal for special offers, promotions and raising the overall brand awareness.

Search Results Page — We offer large full-width strip advertisements on the search results pages, which typically have higher user engagement. We also provide opportunities to increase reach and frequency across multiple pages and sections and the ability to target specific locations, property types and other search criteria to ensure your advertising reaches your target audience.

Listings Page — For our deep-level, highly targeted property listings pages, we offer advertising to the right of the property listing content and above the map.

News, Blog and Research: Home Page — Targeting users who are engaging with Property HQ’s quality property-content library, we offer large full-width strip advertisements in between ‘News’ and ‘Blog’ sections and ‘Blog’ and ‘Research’ sections, for maximum views, clicks and branding.

News, Blog and Research: Posts & Articles — For our high-quality content library, including our curated news, blog and research articles, we offer large full-height half page advertisements above-the-fold to maximise views, clicks and branding. 

Agency Profile — We appreciate how hard it is to find both agencies and agents, which is why we provide our Agency Profile to any agency or owner who lists their property with us — for free . The Agency Profile enables you to showcase your brand, team, expertise, current listings and contact details to potential vendors, landlords and tenants.